Together Everyone Achieves More

That’s what TEAM means to us. Our clients and our suppliers are part of our team also. Together we work to deliver a great product and a great service at a great price.


José Estrada
Founder, Partner/Manager
Chief Operating Officer
Production Manager & Socks Expert

Founder of the company, José has more than 20 year of experience in the socks market. His knowledge of socks manufacturing allows our company to deliver a final product of higher quality than other factories.


William Costa
Chief Executive Officer
Management, Sales & Client Relationship

Spearhead of the company, William brings energy and dedication to the work place. Excellent communication skills and business orientation gives him the ability to conduct all negotiations.


Adosinda Santana
Health & Safety Manager
Production Supervisor

A strong sense of responsibility and respect to all the workers makes Adosinda a professional supervisor and a respected member of our team.


Teresa Campos
Accounting & Finance
Sales Department


José Fernando Ferreira
Quality & Innovation
Account Management


Account Management

Including management, office & production staff, our company has more than 40 employees.

Organizational Structure

We work on a matrix structure and we assign people to different projects and departments.