Production Process

Design & Sampling


Before bulk production we create a technical sheet that contains are the information to produced the desired sock. Sample pairs are produced and sent to client for quality, size, color, drawings and other elements confirmation. We only start production when the samples are approved.

If required we can perform test reports.

Knitting Production


After approval of the samples our state-of-the-art knitting machines start producing your order using the same type of yarn, raw materials and technical specifications that we have used for producing the pre-production sample packs. This way your socks will all look and feel the same.

Our machines have the ability to produced socks with various technical specifications:

  • Real heel
  • Simulated/false heel
  • Automatic toe linking
  • Reinforced heel
  • Reinforced toe
  • Aerobic board
  • Comfortable board
  • Various logos, patterns and drawings



After knitting production the socks are linked. We offer two different options for linking:

  • Rosso linking
  • Lintoe linking



All socks pass through are boarding machines to give them a clean look and feeling before being packed.

Product Inspection


Quality inspection takes placed in every step of the production process and the most thorough product quality inspection takes placed right before packaging in order to guarantee that no socks are defective or contaminated.

Quality inspections can be arranged with external entities such as SGS or Intertek for external quality inspection.



After the socks have passed an extensive quality control process they are ready to be packed following client specifications. Packaging is as important as the sock itself and all aspects are specified and confirmed:

  • Wrapband, banderols, header cards, etc.
  • Stickers (barcode, price, etc.)
  • Hooks/hangers
  • Polybags
  • Cartons
  • Pallets

Shipping & Delivery


After manufacturing and packaging the finish product goes to an safe warehouse for storage until they are loaded for transport. We only work with reliable freight forwarders that delivered all cargo on the agreed time and date.

Since it’s beginnings that our company has never missed an delivery!



A few days after the order is delivered it’s time to know the feedback from our client and our team in order to improve any detail that needs or can be improved. We encourage our clients to always give us confirmation of receipt and to make any remarks that they think are necessary.

Requirements & Approvals


Communication and confirmation are the basic principles in this area. We use a clear and well defined critical path that includes all stages of production and from planning to packaging every step of production must have approval and confirmation from client.

From color specification, cartons measurements, packaging artworks, and final destination, etc., all necessary information to plan, start and finish production must be provided at least 2-4 weeks before the estimated time of delivery. All orders are subject to negotiation and acceptance from our company. We highly recommend that orders are planned for several months in order to create a scheduled delivery plan that is flexible when necessary.

Production Model


In order to reduced waste we created a production model that is based on a philosophy of continuous improvement and we were inspired by lean manufacturing.

The ten basic rules of lean production can be summarized:

  1. Eliminate waste
  2. Minimize inventory
  3. Maximize flow
  4. Pull production from customer demand
  5. Meet customer requirements
  6. Do it right the first time
  7. Empower workers
  8. Design for rapid changeover
  9. Partner with suppliers
  10. Create a culture of continuous improvement (Kaizen)